Blogging my thoughts about insurance, charity, volunteerism, and more

Well, I’ve finally decided I need to share some thoughts that enter my mind.  Some will be random and some more organized but I would image that most of them will be related to my career as an insurance agent for Allstate.  I also anticipate my passions of helping others will extend to more than just insurance – volunteerism, charity, real estate, HVAC, and other subjects are all subject.

I will probably start by addressing some of the misconceptions about insurance – agents, how we get paid, what to look for in an agent, educating yourself on insurance to make sure you and what you love are properly protected (from Mayhem).

Balancing my passion and frank speaking will be somewhat of a challenge as I try not to offend anyone.  Some things need to be said – like how can someone care more about insuring their cell phone and spend nearly as much on that as they would on a $100,000.00 life insurance policy.  What happens if you lose your phone – sure, it’s a pain but what if you lose your life?  Will your house be paid off, how will loved ones continue their standard of living, will your kids go to college, will your partner be able to give you a proper burial?

I’ll leave it there for now and thanks for reading.



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