Branding YOUR Agency

Okay, so what does this Agent for Allstate have to say when he’s only been open for six months?  Well, quite a bit.  Branding is the most important thing for YOUR company – not by the company you keep but for the company you ARE!  Sure, easy for me to say because I am an Exclusive Agent for the largest publicly held insurance company in the country – but I would say the same thing if I were an Independent Agent representing smaller and less-known insurance companies.

What defines you?  Are you honest?  Tell people!  Do you have three generations of experience? Advertise that!  Can people reach you by phone at night, on Facebook, by text, or by other means?  Do they know that?  Your brand should reflect the values you see in your agency; your culture, your style.

I think the reason people like me get into insurance (without stepping into an existing operation), is to help people.  We must, because starting from scratch is crazy to many; if I could tell you how many times I heard the phrase “Good Luck” echoed with slight sarcasm, I would need a mathematics degree.  So you tell people you care – what the heck does that mean?  Your brand needs to portray and be an extension of that caring; does it?

Your Brand is what you define, and then what defines you.  So all these little random thoughts lead to what?  Look around your company and make sure everything you do reflects on exactly what you want.  Do you have a logo?  Why not, they are $75 or under online.  How about a Facebook fan page? Again, why not – they are free *or* you can spend a little money to grow your fan base and keep your customers or potential customers informed on happenings in your products and with your people. Let’s not forget Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media – they’re really not going anywhere.

So where does all this branding lead – to the biggest branding opportunity – your webpage.  Remember that your domain name is yours, worldwide, and no one can take it from you.  My main website is but I can also direct people there from or any number of domains – some easier to remember than my main one.  I can then have content that goes way beyond what Facebook can do for me – and all for little money.  Look at some of the ones at for ideas.

I spent thousands on internet leads that got me nothing, now it’s time to spend thought, time, and a little money on my Brand!


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