My Phone or My Family – Don’t Make Me Choose

So we know what everyone says; I would die for my BFF, my BAE, my CHILD, my whatever – as if that legitimately shows our caring.  So what does that actually mean – what if we really did die, not actually lay down our life for them, but just got hit by a drunk driver tomorrow and left them – forever? Sure, they will mourn, hopefully profoundly and with loud wailing; that will show to the world what we meant to them!  They may even start a memorial fund in my memory to help the causes I cared about – how cool of a legacy will that be, the Jeffrey R Spring Memorial Fund for those less fortunate.  If my friends all contribute, the first year at least, the down-trodden will be a little less so.  Pretty sweet.

Then, of course, the sorrow is less each year but another problem surfaces – life.  Grieving is less frequent but I know they still care. You see, living costs money and I was there to help before – is my wife going to enjoy the same standard of living she has grown accustomed to?  Thank God my kids have done the college thingy so it’s good I did not die 10 years ago.  Oh, and the bills are probably less than before I died – the utilities are less, the mortgage may go down, and food – well that will actually be a savings.  All of a sudden the ideas and dreams “we” had seem less possible – all because of some idiot that liked his vodka a little too much.

Okay, so where does the phone come in – phone or family; isn’t that a stretch?  I was just at the Verizon store today and was happy that I had insurance to replace my Galaxy – something I spend $10/month on – whew, I protected my $600 phone for only $10/month – thank God! Then my thoughts go to Andrew, who last week was in my office with his new bride.  They just bought a house and she just announced she was expecting – oh, and his job is going well.  It just so happened that they bought $250,000 of life insurance on Andrew for about $16/month – I guess my phone insurance pales in comparison.  Peace of mind for the entire family for $16/month, most of us spend that much weekly on coffee, that’s my point.

If you live in Pennsylvania or Ohio, call me to discuss your needs; toll free at 844-675-2111, e-mail,  or visit us at


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