Vandals, and Rocks, and Deer – OH MY!

So I live in a great part of our country; few natural disasters, reasonable home prices, and massive whitetails.  What is more beautiful than a small herd grazing in a field or perusing my wooded back yard?  Stellar creatures until they are on the hood of my Impala SS.

Then there is that idiot in front of me with knobby tires and no mud flaps – jacked up and throwing stones to create a random pattern of chips in my windshield. Sure, they came from the road, he did not put them there, he just helped elevate them to destructive status.

Or Johnny.  He had a very bad day.  It so happens that he thought that gym bag on my car seat was his and decided, since he didn’t have keys to my car, that he would retake (?) possession.  Maybe he thought that would offset his “habit” for the day, or hour.  I don’t hate Johnny but I do hate the fact of what he did.

You probably know by now that these may be covered by your car insurance, but which part and how much will this cost you now – and how much in the future.  The great news is that these are not accidents and you had no control over these issues so these are covered by “comprehensive” or “other than collision” coverage – if you carry it.  They will also most likely not increase your premium; now what about the cost?

Deductibles are required if you have a loan on your car, or have a lease, etc. – but have you and your agent discussed what makes the most sense?  You carry $500/$500 when $600/$100 may be as cheap – the first item is your collision deductible and the second your comprehensive.  You’re a safe driver, would you rather dole out $100 for that windshield or just pay the $350 since it it below your deductible. BTW, did you remove comprehensive the same time you removed collision – and why?

Got questions and you live in PA or OH – call me toll-free at 844-675-2111, e-mail me at, or visit us at


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