One Pregnancy, One Boy, One Girl – Are They Identical?

Okay, so they are positioned like a Yin-Yang symbol in my niece and ready to enter this world.  What an opportunity I had last week to feel both babies move, as if jockeying for position Greco-Roman style.

Male on her left and female on her right – identical? She has been asked that more than once, and not by toddlers – wow.

But you probably knew what I had to do – look up silly questions and here are a few of the G-rated ones:

  • Are chickens considered animals or birds?
  • Are skeletons real or made up?
  • Is it possible for tattos to get passed on genetically from parent to child?
  • What animal is sonic the hedgehog?
  • Is the hunger games based on a true story?
  • What is the phobia of chainsaws called?
  • Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?
  • Does looking at a picture of the sun hurt your eyes?
  • Is there a spell to become a mermaid that actually works?
  • What percentage of water is celery?
  • How big is the specific ocean?

And the best chosen answers online were quite creative if you can imagine.

But then again, I have heard silly questions also;

I have my home paid off now, do I need to carry homeowners insurance?  “I’ve paid to protect my home for 18 years and never had a claim and I’m tired of it” and “if I do not legally need to have insurance, I want to cancel it”.  Absolutely, Mrs. xxxx.  I see your home is valued at $400K and your Premium is just under $600 annually – do you want me to see if we can save you even more money?  No?  It’s just the principal of the matter.

Then with another customer came the question on whether replacing their old roof would be covered by their homeowners insurance.  Sure, and life insurance will pay for your daily groceries.  My sarcasm really needs to be put at bay because even though my life experience has lead me to some understandings of this ilk, it has not been long since I could have been asking those same questions.

Time for my brain to relax – but feel free to call and ask me insurance questions other than ones; I could be mentioned in their blog for stupid inquiries.


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