The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire…

I had already moved into an apartment with my now wife of nearly 25 years when my parents house burned to the ground.  Thank God no one was hurt and I had only left half of my worldly possessions there – it was still one of the most devastating events I can remember short of losing a loved one.  So what did I do? I went right out and bought renters insurance…NOT.  Heck, half my stuff was already gone so why worry then?

The average value of a renters personal property is $30K – that includes all your clothes, furniture, dishes, books, electronics, bedding, decorations, and more. I did not know then what I know now – that buying renters insurance can save you 5% on your auto coverage – and for only $14 per month on average?  That means a client normally only has an extra $4 out of their pocket to cover their stuff!

So what if your careless neighbor left the bath water running or their stovetop on?You could be the one paying for it.  Fire, smoke, lightning, wind, hail, freezing of plumbing, explosion, and falling objects are all covered by a renters policy.  How about your stuff being stolen? Theft on- and off-premises, stolen credit cards and forged or stolen checks are also covered. And of course, family liability in case someone sues you, and guest medical if an invited guest gets injured and needs medical attention.

And one of the hidden gems of carrying renters insurance is that if you are claim-free on your policy you may well get better insurance pricing if you decide to purchase a house, condo, or mobile home.

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