I’m Wanted, Dead or Alive

No, I can’t sing like Bon Jovi – and what guy really looks that good at 53?  Oh, and I’m not an Alaskan Crab fisherman – though I do like Red Lobster and live in the snow belt along Lake Erie.

I’m really referring to a bounty that I may have to put on stores like Best Buy, Target, and HH Gregg – not because they are bad stores, quite the opposite.  The bounty will be because they are my largest competition.

I couldn’t care less about State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, or others – I don’t compete with other small businesses selling insurance as much as I compete with the latest technology or fashion fads; consumers have choices and most could give a rat’s tail less about insurance.  I cannot help if people get the latest 70″ big-screen for their home, or the newest handbag, or even an updated kitchen – and then NOT make sure they are properly protecting those things.

Do you get annual reviews from your insurance agent to make sure you are protected after things have changed over time?

  • Do you own as much “stuff” today as you did five years ago?  If you are under age 40, your personal property probably doubles every 3 years.  Have you updated that coverage on your homeowners policy to reflect that?
  • Are you still insuring your 1992 Chevy Corsica with $500 deductible collision coverage when it’s worth $1100?
  • Has your income increased where you can comfortably raise your deductibles on your policies?  Those changes really lower your premium quickly *or* you can raise your liability coverage – maybe an even better option.

I’ll ask again, do you prioritize your spending by making sure your future and that of your loved ones is secure by have sufficient life insurance also?  Your liability coverage helps protect you but life insurance helps protect them!

The point? If you don’t have an agent that knows you and acts in your best interest, call me.  If you don’t have an agent at all – get one; it could well cost you less than calling some 800#.  As we say “An 800- number can’t look you in the eye and tell you it will be OK.”

Contact me at jeffspring@allstate.com, toll free by phone at 844-675-2111, or visit my website at http://www.springfamilyinsuranceagency.com


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