So What About My Turtle? And Who is Powderfinger?

With my obsession with affiliating my posts with songs, finding any tune other than something in the vein of Teenage Mutant was difficult – then, thanks to Bing, I ran across songs by both Moody Blues (Tortoise and the Hare) and Powderfinger (Turtle’s Head) with the latter having made a very respectable 7 albums (and the earlier more like 16).

My turtle is simply a reflection of my passion for everything I do – I continue to devote myself fully to my career (and have always liked reptiles) so I named my turtle Mayhem.  I know it is hard to continue reading while your eyes rolling backward but the irony of a turtle being called Mayhem cracks me up.  I can only imagine a quality Japanese film with my eastern box turtle fighting his cousin Godzilla in some city-destroying melee.


Unlike the Allstate character portrayed by Dean Winters, my turtle is slightly less destructive.  He does not create water line breaks nor distract you while driving; he also does not loosen the hitch on your trailer nor is he in the shopping cart that slams into your car.  Protecting you from my Mayhem should not be of concern; of course we do not know what the future will hold…


For now, my Mayhem will be content with the staple of apples and lettuce while basking in the light and heat of an incandescent bulb.  His life simple with few pleasures beyond climbing and Facebook.  Facebook?  Sure, he has his own FB pet page and website – visit him at or


Want to know more about Mayhem and how to protect yourself?  Reach out to me at or on Facebook and my website at SpringFamilyInsuranceAgency


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