Mayhem versus Decimation

I love Netflix.  I recently completed the series Spartacus (do NOT allow your kids to watch it) and in season four I learned about decimation.  I had always known of the word but thought it was a “near complete” loss of something, like a population of people that succumbed to a disease.  The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning “removal of a tenth” – the commander in this scene punished his troops by making them draw stones.  One out of 10 of those stones is colored differently and that person is to be killed by the nine remaining.  So decimation is “only” 10% according to the Romans.


Mayhem is a “Criminal offense” consisting of the intentional maiming of another person; so assigning that name to the Sons of Anarchy MC or the MMA fighter makes sense.  But how about a shopping cart slamming into your car?  Or that “fuzzy stuff in your vegetable bin”? I think Mayhem has become somewhat diluted in many cases – like me naming my Eastern Box turtle Mayhem – but that tongue in cheek humor is often what I need.

samcro mayhem

So it does not really come down to Decimation versus Mayhem but a matter of which could affect me and the ones I love.  As an example, cancer is not Mayhem, cancer is decimating.

A friend of mine has a history of prostate cancer in his family; by checking online I found that 1 in 7 males (15%) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime – WOW, worse odds than being being beaten to death in the “decimation” example above.  Encouraging is the fact that of that 15%, less than 3% will die from that disease.  Don’t be too excited though, 1 in 2 adult males will develop some type of cancer in his lifetime and 1 in 4 will die of it.

How about women and cancers?  You probably guessed it – breast cancer is the worst; the percent of adult women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime is more than 12% (1 in 8).  Encouraging is that death only results in under 3%, meaning 1 in 37 adult females will die as a result.  Sadly, 1 in 20 will die as a result of lung cancer – maybe a fact that we are learning since women are starting to smoke less than in past years. Though not as bad as men’s odds, 1 in 3 adult women will develop some form of cancer with 1 in 5 dying from it.

No one likes to think about the facts above, pulled from, but someone needs to bring it up.  My point is pretty simple, get life insurance while you can – it’s for them.  It is extremely cheap while you are younger and need it most – new kids, new home, steady income, college planning, retirement planning, etc.

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