Spoiler Alert: McDonald’s to Rename McFlurry to McDreamy

In an attempt to market to those who’s lives have been shattered by the fact that their favorite character has been killed off, McDonald’s has decided it would be appropriate to apply Mickey D’s branding to its delightful soft-serve treat.  Sources say they have been looking to update the name for a while but it is still too soon to use McBlizzard in deference to the Dairy Queen original dessert they purloined.

Trust me in this, I am not poking fun at the number of posts I have seen where people are crying over the unanticipated demise of Patrick Dempsey – I mean Dr. Derek Shepherd.  I wept quietly when Radar announced that Lt Colonel Henry Blake’s plane upon leaving the 4077th; in fact, I have wept every time I have seen this episode (and will for future ones).

Hop on YouTube sometime and watch some other whoppers – the top 10 saddest sitcom moments.

It seemed like only yesterday that Patrick starred in my childhood favorite series where he helped so many with his underwater skills.  The idea that he could stay young looking for so long is eclipsed only by Jon BonJovi, but I mentioned him not long ago and I don’t want anyone to think he is a man-crush of mine.


What does all this have to do with insurance; I could stretch it to life insurance but will leave the sales efforts to another post.

RIP McSteamy (or is that the other guy), your legacy is in place.




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