Secrets of a Border Agent in Ohio – A Scary Thought

So the title is somewhat sensationalistic because I am a border insurance agent, not someone near Monterrey trying to stop a human flow into Texas or in Ohio catching all the Canadians coming across Lake Erie for our superior health care.  In fact, I love immigrants that are here legally and give the US the diversity we enjoy.  I also love immigrants from other states that move into Ohio and Pennsylvania and contact me with an opportunity to be their trusted advisor for their protection needs.


So what are the secrets – I only have a few but the main one I wanted to share today is mostly for Ohio.  If you think that most of the people on the road with you have auto insurance, you are sorely mistaken.  Why did I say Ohio?  Because Pennsylvania does not mess around! If you do not have insurance, you almost instantly get your license suspended and your plates revoked; and then have to pay a fine to get things reinstated.  This is not saying the PA DMV is great and OH BMV is bad, in fact the DMV in PA is a real pain – maybe that adds to the fact that people do not mess with them.  My guess is that nearly 100% of people I deal with in PA have insurance – maybe 75% in Ohio.

Think about that – if a person in Ohio can get away with no insurance simply by not owing anything on their car, they are on the road with you – and you will be paying if they cause an accident.  That is, if you have enough insurance yourself.  Sure, the license bureau in Ohio may ask for proof of insurance but I can issue that in a few minutes, collect the first month’s payment, and then cancel the insurance at the customers request and the state knows no better.


So that is their secret and I share it here.  Do not fool yourself into thinking this does not happen – it does, all the time.  Please review your coverages with your agent and if they don’t pro-actively reach out to you, ask yourself “why not”? Are they just collecting their commission each year and not making sure you are up-t0-date on protection and features of policies.  My office reaches out at every renewal to explain any price changes and I personally review your policies with you every year to keep you protected.  Our lives change, and so do our insurance needs and risk tolerance.

If you do not have an agent or just need a change, reach out to me.  As we say, “An 800# can’t look you in the eye and tell you it’s going to be okay!”

440-964-2222 or 814-774-4080


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