El Día de la Batalla de Puebla – the story behind Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo so I had to check into this celebration of my Mexican-American friends.  I have a confession – I am not Hispanic and speak very little of the language.  Having traveled to Mexico a number of times, I have learned more in small villages (in hours) than I had (in 2 years) in high school; the version of Spanish we learned in school did little good in the real world.


What this celebration is not is Mexico’s Independence Day – that happens on September 16th and is Mexico’s biggest holiday.  It is however a celebration of defeating the French in 1862 – and decisively, even though the Mexicans were not a “real” military force, are were outnumbered 3 to 1 by the best-trained military force in the world (at the time).  So this celebration is that of heart, morale, and pride!  Not to mention the French may have backed the Confederacy in the US and things would be totally different today – yes, Abraham Lincoln may have celebrated Cinco de Mayo also…


So what is my celebration on this day? It is usually partaking of some great Hispanic cuisine at Los Compadres, my favorite place locally.  It has consistently served up great food, quickly, and at a good value.  What I hope in the near future though is to find more than Mexican food, more specifically a licensed sales producer to help sell quality insurance to our population of Mexicans and other Hispanic peoples.


In the mean time, I have many resources such as booklets and brochures in Spanish which I can send out; they will go a long way to better describe the complex world of insurance options.  I can also use an interpreter service available through Allstate to help me communicate in any language; if this is something you need, just let us know.  I am also not shy about using online translator software to help me understand communications.  Thank you for the consideration and enjoy the celebration.



Call us at 814-774-4080 in PA and 440-964-2222 in OH


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