Do I Really Need an Agent?

Shopping for insurance quotes and buying insurance online is so simple, you might wonder why you would ever need an insurance agent. After all, when you shop for insurance online, you can compare lots of policies quickly at 3 a.m. – all in between Netflix episodes of your favorite series. We’re all for that, but insurance agents do a lot more than sell policies and if you ever have a complicated claim or a question about your coverage you need answered fast, you’ll be happy you established a relationship with an agent early in the game.

what-does-an-insurance-broker-do - Copy

Insurance agents have contracted with an insurance company or, in some cases, multiple insurance companies to sell insurance for them. Agents are independent contractors who are not direct employees of the company they’re representing. Agents are separate business entities – yes, small businesses that are dependent on their markets to thrive and be profitable. They legally represent the company/insurer, and the company, in turn, is required to provide insurance and honor contracts the agent enters into.

But Why Use An Insurance Agent?

Insurance is a pretty complex and buying the right insurance to protect you and your family, or your business, can be confusing. One thing is for sure – most people need someone looking out for their interests! That’s where your agent comes

What is an Insurance Agent?
An insurance agent should be a trusted advisor for your questions; after all, they are helping you protect the things you love most.  They can be a friend, parent, or coach licensed in the insurance field.  They are someone who knows the business, its downfalls and upsides, and can guide you toward to making the right choices that suit your individual needs.

Insurance Agent Educational Requirements

All insurance agents involved in the solicitation, selling or negotiation of insurance must be licensed by the state where they sell insurance. The licensing process varies from state to state, but generally requires the prospective agent to complete some insurance-related coursework covering insurance fundamentals and the state-specific insurance laws,  and then pass a state exam. If an agent sells both life and health insurance and property and casualty insurance, he or she will need a separate license for each category. Most state insurance commissions also mandate continuing education every two years to keep agents up to date. The coursework focuses on insurance law, consumer protection, ethics and technical aspects affecting various types of policies.


They can help you save money by showing how to bundle policies and take advantage of available discounts – something many online companies cannot offer. And they provide you with unlimited professional advice and services for free, because they’re paid by your policy’s insurance carrier.  Sure, they get a commission but don’t assume it will cost you more – it usually doesn’t., toll-free 844-675-2111


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