The Muffin – Three Centuries Later

You probably thought I may title this something like “Muffin Mayhem” and stretch the reference to encompass insurance needs for risks of large cakes falling from the sky and damaging your home or auto…but HA, I would never do that!  Besides, I searched all our policies and did not see muffin as a peril.


Good old Bing – it showed me the source of the word going back to at least 1703 where it meant “light, small cake made with eggs”.  How small? Maybe the awesomely beautiful mini-muffins we see on platters at hotel continental breakfasts?


Or maybe muffins should all be what “sweet dreams are made of” – the overflowing, 2000 calorie treats that lead to their namesake fashion term.


Where this leads is anyone’s guess – there are pictures online of muffins available for purchase every day, hardly the “light, small” cakes of old…



Moral to the story, there is none – I was just hungry; time for breakfast… (just kidding)


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