What Does Your Domain Name Say About You

So what is more marketable – http://www.traceyhanseninsurance.com or http://www.aReliableAgent.com or even http://www.WeTrustOurAgent.com?  Sure, people can misspell Traci’s first name, or even the last name of Hanson – but would another domain be easier for her potential clients to find her and say more about what she wants them to know.  In the above example, Tracey is saying that she is trustworthy and reliable – is that more appealing?

flathead promo2

What happens when Tracey sells her business, will the new owner prefer to own a website built around a person’s name or one that tells more about their agency?  Remember, this is worldwide and no one can steal this from her – try that on Facebook where duplicate company names are very common.


How about multiple domains that are forwarded to your main website? Where would these come in handy?  We all know that the more you quote, the more you sell – are you marketing for quote opportunities every day?  How?  Maybe a domain that gives the message that you want (right in the name) – think http://www.MoviesforQuotes.com or http://www.DonationforaQuote.com.   Do I need to explain what the promotion is looking to accomplish or what the payout is?


We all know what people love – why not market specifically to those interests?  Over 50 million households in the US own a dog and many of the most loyal to their breeds are those that own “bully” breeds – how about http://www.LoveMyAkita.com or http://www.LoveMyPitbullterrier.com for marketing?


Then, of course are motorcycle enthusiasts – 9 million motorcycles are registered in the US and can you imagine trying to get a Goldwing owner from switching brands – not likely.  So go after this business with http://www.MyGoldwingInsurance.com or http://www.MyChopperInsurance.com.


What or who is your competition?  Seriously, 15 minutes with me can save someone 35% or more but the fact that I am writing about it proves it did it’s job – so why not poke fun and make a point with http://www.FourteenMinuteQuote.com or http://www.SixMinuteQuote.com


How about the TLD (top-level domain)?  Obviously the .com extensions are the most common but what is wrong with .tips, .rocks, and more?  Search engines are now recognizing and giving better rankings to all TLD’s so maybe they can say even more about you (and add some character) – like http://www.BudgetInsurance.rocks or simply http://www.HouseInsurance.rocks and http://www.GreatCarInsurance.tips?


So why not, for example, buy an insurance domain for $250 and it is yours for the maintenance of under $20/year…and you forward it free to your main website or develop the site as a standalone or “landing site”.  Just some thoughts and an unabashed self-promotion.





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