TXTNG KLLS – but so does “Hands Free” driving – Please read this

A HR manager friend of mine showed me a very nice booklet a few years ago.  It gave specifics on how the brain functions when distracted.  This article (link below) dealt with all types of distractions and was geared towards employers establishing guidelines for cell phone usage while driving during company hours.  What I found amazing was something I hate to admit to, even to this day – that using hands-free does little to help prevent accidents, we really are fooling ourselves.  Let’s look at a “real-life” scenario:

And a very nice piece – science meets every day – like it or not:

Can you really say you have arrived at your destination and remember the road you traveled?  Did you ever pass your exit on the highway or the store you were traveling to?

Distractions can make the time fly but they are also danergous if they use the part of the brain we need to focus on the dangers all around us while driving.  It is more than just your peripheral vision, it is your entire peripheral awareness and the tunnel your mind creates.  If you have not watched the above videos, I encourage you and if you want to delve deeper – check out some free booklets on my website at http://www.springfamilyinsuranceagency.com/distracted-driving.html

There are many great items but one very cool resource is from the National Safety Council – a free cell phone kit at http://safety.nsc.org/cellphonekit


I encourage you to pass this along to people you know to help everyone better understand what we face as drivers in this modern world.  We are bombarded with information, we just need to make sure that doesn’t interfere with our safety, the safety of the ones we love, and the safety of others on the road.




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