Do You Know What Dad Wants for Father’s Day?

This Father’s Day, steer clear of the neck tie option and instead make him swoon with something he really wants—time with you. Decode your dad’s interests and allow him to unwrap an experience this June 15. We’ve broken down some “dad passion points” so that you can easily personalize his present this year.


For the outdoor lover: Whether it’s lounging in the backyard while sipping on a cold beverage, or setting up camp at a nearby site, a dad who loves nature will likely want to celebrate the holiday outside. You can buy him the latest outdoor gear he’s been eyeing (think a new lawn mower, grill, tools or camping gear); plan a free day for him to relax poolside; get the grill going for a barbecue; or take a family hike.

For the sporty dad: Dads who love sports are sometimes borderline obsessed with it. If this describes your pop, give dad a day in front of the tube. Set the channel to his dream team and pack the coffee table with his must-have snacks. If he’d rather be on the go, buy him a round of gold on his favorite nearby green; spend the day fishing; bike around the neighborhood; or head to a baseball game as a family. There may be a reason Father’s Day and baseball season overlap: outdoors, baseball, hot dogs—it’s the dad trifecta.


For the foodie: If your dad knows the difference between arugula and iceberg, he may enjoy a food-centered celebration. Whether it’s brunch, dinner or drinks—think of the place that screams “him” or a place he’s been dying to try. If you’d rather eat at home, you can also surprise him with gourmet chocolate, fine meats, or a make-your-own whiskey or beer kit.

For the tech head: Cliff Huxtable, Ward Cleaver, Danny Tanner—all top-notch TV dads. If your dad makes the list, and loves gadgets to enhance his TV-watching time—let him splurge at the local electronics depot on tech goods that’ll make him giggle with glee. Typically, tech-loving dads have all the latest gadgets, so it can be hard to shop without them. If you’re itching to surprise him, you can always invest in a unique tablet case, computer accessories, or a subscription to a tech-centric magazine, such as Wired, PC Magazine or Popular Science.


For the sentimental pop: If your dad is the kind of guy who tears up every time he watches “Rudy,” this June 15 try a gift that’ll inspire a few tears of joy. You can put together a personalized photo book with your favorite dad photos, write him a song, or sit around the table and share family stories about him—after all, it’s the perfect day to let your dad know how much he means to you.

Whatever unique experiences you opt for, grab a card, too. Nearly 94 million Father’s Day cards were given last year in the U.S., making Father’s Day the fourth-largest card-sending occasion, according to the Hallmark. Jump in on the trend and remember, it’s OK to get gushy.


Courtesy of the Allstate Blog


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