Sharing Sucks – Yo Quiero Taco Bell?

Since you were a kid you’ve been told to share. Share this, share that – when does the sharing stop? How about with the $1.49 Grilled Stuft Nacho from Taco Bell, the first nachos designed not to be shared.

And if we rethink what we were taught about respect they may sell even more of their top-notch cuisine.  Am I the only one that thinks the person who designed this marketing masterpiece should be placed in remedial U of Phoenix marketing classes?

We know the target of Taco Bell’s ad campaigns; it is the teen through young adult market.  It is obvious by all their commercials.  Get the crowd that stays out late, needs “fourth meal” and where munchies come at all hours.  It’s all good, I was there once but never did we hear that we should be selfish in order to enjoy the delicacies passed through the window of a 3AM drive-thru.

Should this make our young generation angry to be thought of in this manner?  I find it very insulting to a generation where I see many looking to make a difference; a generation where volunteering is gaining momentum and who deal with life changes at paces never seen. So instead of encouraging a positive act, make it about me…me…me.

I would at least give McDonald’s an honorable mention for the “failed miserably” “Pay with Lovin” campaign from earlier this year.  It kicked off with much hype at the super bowl and then a deafening silence.  It seemed like it was going to be harmless fun (and free food) but embarrassing your clients may not be the way to play the philanthropic company.

So instead of promoting self, chose selflessness and maybe Taco Bell can make a commercial about showing respect, especially for authority.  Instead, they target the 10%ers – this time the bottom 10%.  That may be a little harsh but this just tasted sour.  Oh, but not as sour as:

No words.


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